Growing Halfday Travel's Revenue By 69% in 30 Days


Halfday Travel was seeing strong early demand for their innovative Garment Duffel bag when initially testing Facebook ads in April 2021. However, in order to continue scaling, they needed to improve their lagging conversion rate and optimize their Facebook ad strategy to improve paid ROAS. Through rigorous A/B testing on their paid landing page and overhauling their ad strategy, we were able to boost Halfday's revenue by 69% and increase their site-wide Conversion Rate by 38% month-over-month.

What we did

1. Optimized Facebook Account Structure - initially, the account was mainly running broad targeting and had suboptimal campaigns (like a "traffic" goal) driving low ROAS. We quickly began testing new audiences - stacked interest groups, lookalikes based off of customer lists, and more consolidated retargeting to give Facebook as much data to optimize as possible.

2. Launched Whitelisting Ads - We knew that we could breathe more life into their champion creative by running them from influencer handles to improve CTR and thumb-stop rate. Soon, our separate Whitelisting campaign was driving the most efficient ROAS in the entire ad account.

3. Improved Data Quality - When first taking over the account, we noticed 2 things: 1) the pixel was not set up to pass server-side events via Facebook's Conversion API and 2) UTMs were fragmented so it was impossible to track Facebook's channel-level performance in Google Analytics. We migrated the pixel setup to the native Shopify integration to improve match rates and edited all live UTMs to make it far easier to attribute adset and ad-level performance insights.

4. Began A/B Testing - Once the ad account was in a better place, we began a robust A/B testing schedule. New sections featuring more benefit-driven copy, re-writing the above-the-fold hero headline, adding short feature bullets to the product page, and many more tests were run to slowly tick up Conversion Rate. We added a "free shipping/free returns" banner and a sticky menu, a "best-seller" tag, and a completely redesigned desktop PDP experience, all of which continued to improve Conversion Rate.

5. Sourced Social Proof - the cherry on top of our CRO strategy was social proof. Adding a "press" section containing quotes from Insider, Esquire, and Valet immediately improved Conversion Rate. This, combined with our customer review sourcing campaign which got Halfday 35 reviews in 30 days, were major contributors to the revenue gains that Halfday saw over the course of our first month working with them.

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