Doubling Facebook Ad Revenue and Increasing ROAS by 63% for FIGHTHAUS


FIGHTHAUS, a premium apparel business, was seeing extremely strong 7-figure DTC growth and looking to take their Facebook ad performance to the next level. By taking the lead on their creative strategy and optimizing their account structure for efficient growth, we were able to more than double their Facebook ad revenue while achieving an strong 63% increase in Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) month-over-month. In this blog post, we'll delve into the key methodologies that fueled this success.

Rapid Creative Iteration: Unleashing the Power of Dynamic Creative Ads At Scale

Recognizing the importance of captivating creatives in performance marketing, our first step was to prioritize rapid creative iteration using one of their greatest assets - their organic social content library. In month one of our collaboration, we built five distinct groups of creatives, which consisted of a mix of their top-performing organic TikToks, Instagram reels, and ads we produced in-house. Our in-house ads focused on repurposing the winning "hooks" of their historical top-performing creative across new video formats. To test the effectiveness of each group, we employed the power of Dynamic Creative ad units.

Dynamic Creative ads dynamically combine various creative elements, such as images, texts, and headlines, to deliver personalized and compelling ad experiences to different audiences. By harnessing this technology, we were able to gauge the performance of each creative group accurately. This data-driven approach allowed us to identify the most impactful creatives and discard underperforming ones swiftly.

Scaling Winning Test Ads With Post IDs and Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

Scaling top-performing test ads effectively is crucial for sustained growth. To achieve this for our client, we used the number one tool brands are using to scale Facebook in 2023: multiple Advantage+ Shopping campaigns. These campaigns were designed to leverage the top 20% of creatives we had identified through the Dynamic Creative ad testing, giving them a chance to spend at higher budgets and reach the 50 conversion per ad set per week threshold necessary to leave Facebook's learning phase. We also launched these same top performing creatives into a standard conversion campaign across 3 unique audiences, using the post IDs of the best Dynamic Creative iterations to ensure we kept the learnings and social proof attached to each iteration.

The introduction of three new Advantage+ Shopping campaigns + post ID scaling allowed us to test these successful creatives at higher budgets. This move not only expanded our reach but also provided valuable insights into which creatives resonated best with the target audience. The improved account structure enabled us to allocate resources more effectively, maximizing returns and minimizing wasteful spending.

Supplementing Growth with Efficiency: The Cost Cap Campaign

One of the most significant challenges in Facebook advertising at scale is striking the right balance between growth and efficiency. We addressed this challenge by launching a Cost Cap campaign, strategically designed to supplement growth while maintaining efficiency.

The Cost Cap campaign was implemented once we had gathered enough data from weeks 1 to 3. Armed with insights into what worked best, we created a campaign with a high budget but set a conservative bid constraint. This allowed the campaign to capitalize on periods of high demand, such as holidays, by spending more. Conversely, during times of lower demand, the conservative bid constraint kept the efficiency intact even with lower spending.


By prioritizing rapid creative iteration, implementing a better account structure, and supplementing growth with efficiency, we were able to achieve extraordinary results for FIGHTHAUS. Their revenue more than doubled, and the ROAS increased by an impressive 63% month-over-month.

As we look forward to the future, we remain committed to optimizing our creative strategy process and taking advantage of Facebook's newest ad products to deliver outstanding results for our clients. If you're looking to elevate your brand's performance and unlock its true potential, get in touch with us today and let's scale your DTC business, profitably.

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