Cutting Flintts Mint's CPA by 35% in One Month


Flintts Mints had developed an incredibly healthy organic audience after years of consistently delivering a high quality product, with social channels like TikTok making up more than 50% of their revenue. Despite their success monetizing their organic channels, they were running into a ceiling on paid Facebook that was preventing them from taking their business to the next level. By optimizing their account structure, incorporating landing page and merchandise testing into our ad strategy, and focusing on UGC creative, we were able to reduce Flintts' Facebook CPA by 35% in less than 30 days while increasing their MoM spend by 10%.

What we did

1. Optimized Facebook Account Structure - the first thing we did in the account was make sure the skeleton of their ad campaigns was set up for success. This included reducing retargeting spend to 10% of total, launching an Advantage Shopping+ Ad campaign, and expanding ad set targeting to include valuable placements like Facebook Reels.

2. Focusing on native/UGC assets - Flintts had an incredibly robust video library of hundreds of viral TikToks that weren't being leveraged on paid Facebook. Reliance on polished, studio-quality statics and product videos had gotten them far on Facebook but they were clearly starting to fatigue and we knew the data-driven success of their viral TikTok's would bring CTRs above 1% again. Implementing the creative that Flighted's Foundry team produced saw an immediate reduction in CPC.

3. Improved Data Quality - we made sure all ads were UTMed to accurately get a sense of each audience and landing page's impact on Conversion Rate, and leveraged Triple Whale to make all media buying decisions and cut out the noise of their organic traffic. This, plus enabling Automatic Advanced Matching and ensuring server side events were passing, ensured we were seeing the full picture.

4. Focus on the landing page experience - a multi-SKU brand with as many flavor as Flintts requires a merchandising strategy that leads to the highest revenue per user possible, a constant balancing act between AOV and CR. We tested driving to PDPs, collection pages, and Unbounce landing pages going to their most popular bundles to optimize where we sent ad traffic.

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