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Automating & Standardizing Reporting Data to Drive Insights for Elsewhere

Elsewhere needed help unifying and standardizing their most valuable business data in a way that would be actionable for their marketing team.


After seeing explosive growth for years from a highly engaged and loyal fanbase, Elsewhere was ready to put significant budget behind their marketing efforts for the first time. First, however, they needed to put the right analytical foundation in place to ensure they were properly measuring results across the business.

Elsewhere is Brooklyn's largest and most visited independent nightclub and concert venue.

What I did

1. Strategic Discovery - I audited Elsewhere's reporting infrastructure, marketing tech stack, CRM, and paid strategy to understand the current state of their business. From there, I presented the team with a growth marketing audit of potential areas for improvement and worked with the in-house marketing team to build out a list of goals and KPIs for the upcoming year.

2. Standardized Reporting - I shared a UTM tagging system with the entire marketing team to ensure that each marketing channel was being properly tracked, using Google Analytics as our single source of truth. I also developed a cadence with their finance/operations team to regularly upload offline data of on-premise revenue and attendance, so that all business goals could be tracked in one place.

3. KPI Development - after learning what would define success for each marketing team member, I used historical data to define tangible and realistic KPIs for the coming year. I built custom data boards using Databox which tracked each of their KPIs against their target metrics. Everything from email revenue, to social growth, to overall attendance, was given a target goal to reach by year-end.

4. Growth Testing - diving deep into each business unit (organic social, paid partnerships, paid ads, and email/retention), I developed a "growth roadmap" using and ICE framework (implementation, confidence and ease) to prioritize tests that would drive top-line revenue. Website conversion rate optimization, email segmentation strategies, paid ads creative testing, and new channel experimentation were just a few areas of focus on this roadmap.

5. Execution - I worked cross-functionally with each business unit to oversee the implementation of these growth tests, ensuring that we had clear metrics which would define either success or failure.


Elsewhere is now in a place where all of their disparate data sources - partnership performance, on-premise attendance and revenue, online ticket sales, email performance, and organic social initiatives - are unified in a single reporting architecture that allows for benchmarking and optimization over time.

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